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Breeding Services

Hot Pepper Cat (stud fee)


Chute fee


Embryo Transfer Cycle Fee

$600 (cooled)

$800 (frozen)

Embryo Transfer Fee


Pregnancy Fee for Embryo Transfer




Insemination (fresh or cooled)


Insemination Frozen


Foal Out

$600 (not including board)

Daily Board

varies from $20-$26/day

Training/Riding/Boarding Services

ASCI 345 (per horse, per quarter)


ASCI 344 

$900 / $1550

ASCI 214


Tack Rental Fee


Monthly student board

$650 *Please note: 1/1/24 increase to $750, limited space available

Sale Information 

Upcoming Performance Horse sale is June 1st, 2024

Please contact the Cal Poly Equine Center Manager Irini Pateras, with any questions or for information about contracts: 805-756-5469                                                                          

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2024 Performance Horse Sale Saturday June 1st, 2024

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